Full Body Exams IN Burbank, CA

We at Kay Dermatology recommend all of our valued patients to have annual and periodic Full Body Exams. This is essential because with a comprehensive Full Body Exam we can diagnose disease in its early stages and take suitable treatment. While we recommend this for all of our patients, those with a family history of skin cancer, patients with a light skin tone or red hair type, and excessive history of sun exposure, etc.

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Health history intake

We discuss your health history.

Vital signs assessment

An examination of your nervous system functions are performed to indicate diseases or other health conditions. We’ll check signs such as your respiratory rate, blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, and visual assessment 

Physical testing

We will conduct a head-to-toe examination for suspicious growths or spots that may indicate signs of skin cancer.

Laboratory testing

Your blood samples, as well as any biopsies or excisions done at our clinic, are sent and evaluated at a laboratory. Your blood sugar levels, cholesterol, metabolic panel, and pathology results will be received by our office and further evaluated by our clinicians.


You may get a Full Body Exam if you want to uncover health conditions, ensure you’re eating all the nutrients you need to have optimal health, examine your blood tests to ensure you’re healthy, and discover health ailments earlier to treat them instantly.

No. A Full Body Exam is extensive, while a wellness exam isn’t. Your annual wellness exam doesn’t include a Full Body Exam, except for height, weight, and blood pressure measurements. A Full Body Exam will examine your body to ensure there are no health problems.

As you prepare for your visit, make a list of the questions you may have, bring a list of your medications, and share your health history and concerns.

A full body exam includes discussing your health and illness prevention plan, reviewing your medications, and viewing your health risk assessment.

Our methods of diagnostics include blood tests, immunizations, and preventive services.

Once you complete your Full Body Exam, we’ll provide you with a customized plan to help you treat the identified risks.

Yes, Full Body Exams can be booked using our online system. You may also call us at (818) 238-2350 to schedule your appointment. Come in and get treated with modern medical techniques using holistic concepts.

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