Photodynamic Therapy IN Burbank, CA

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is a treatment that uses light in addition to certain chemicals known as photosensitizers to treat cancer and other conditions. Photosensitizers kill nearby cells when they come into contact with light wavelengths.

It combines a topical medication with a light source to activate that medication. IT can be used on the face, scalp, chest, arms and legs. It is an alternative to liquid nitrogen and creams.  Light causes the photosensitizers to increase oxygen, which is toxic to cancers or other diseased or targeted cells. The process of killing these cells using light and medication to create oxygen is called phototoxicity.

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer treated using PDT Techniques. Photodynamic Therapy can also treat acne and skin growth like warts. Potent chemicals can destroy the cells or glands that cause these conditions. PDT also treats urinary tract infections caused by E. coli bacteria, periodontal disease, inflammation of the sinuses, gastritis, and infection in the cornea.
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