Tattoo Removal IN Burbank, CA

Do you have a tattoo that you’d like permanently removed? Tattoo Removal is the optimal solution for several reasons. You may have gotten the tattoo years ago, and may look faded. Our expert Tattoo Removal procedure will erase tattoos quickly with no downtime. We use a cutting-edge laser for permanent Tattoo Removal. It’s effective for all skin types and colors. Our laser targets pigments in the skin and dissolves the ink pigments using several wavelength frequencies on the laser. We’ll adjust the settings depending on the size and tone of your skin for optimal results. The higher frequency is used to treat more profound layers of the skin, while the other treats superficial skin concerns. It targets most tattoo colors and reduces their appearance.

tattoo removal on woman back


Tattoo Removal is a permanent solution to reduce and lighten tattoos’ appearance significantly.

Yes, laser tattoo removal is a safe solution to diminish the appearance and entirely remove tattoos. We have completed extensive training for maximum safety in this treatment process.

The number of treatments you’ll get varies and is determined by the tattoo’s size, quantity, color, and the depth of the ink pigment within the skin. We’ll determine the number of treatments you’ll get during your consultation.

Tattoo Removal is a permanent solution to erase tattoos. There may be some tattoos that are only 95% reduced, while other tattoos can be removed entirely based on the tattoo colors, area, and age.

There is no downtime after your laser tattoo removal treatment.

Yes. As the area heals, you might get redness with scabbing. These symptoms are a regular part of the healing process and subside within a few days.

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