Laser Tattoo Removal IN Burbank, CA

Do you have a tattoo you are ready to erase permanently? Tattoo removal can be the desired treatment for several reasons. You may have gotten the tattoo at another stage in life or in a place you no longer want it to be. No matter the reason, our expert tattoo removal procedure can remove tattoos quickly with zero downtime.

We use the Yag Laser at Kay Dermatology for permanent tattoo removal. It is practical for all skin types and skin colors. Our treatment laser targets specific pigments in the skin and breaks up the ink pigments using two-wavelength frequencies on the laser. The higher frequency is used to treat more profound layers of the skin, while the other treats more superficial skin concerns. It can target most tattoo colors and effectively reduce the appearance.

tattoo removal on woman back


Laser Tattoo Removal is a permanent solution to reduce and lighten unwanted tattoos’ appearance dramatically.

Yes, Laser Tattoo Removal is a safe and effective solution to diminish the appearance and, in many cases, completely remove tattoos. We have completed extensive training to ensure your safety in this treatment process.

Before your treatment, we will assess the quantity, quality, color, and depth of pigment of your tattoo(s). We will also perform a small test on a patch of tattooed skin to determine any sensitivities you may have to laser treatments. Before we begin your procedure, we will apply a topical anesthetic to numb the treatment area to make you more comfortable. Using the YAG Laser, short bursts of light pulses are applied to the targeted area to dissipate the ink pigments into tiny particles.

The number of treatment sessions varies and is determined by the tattoo’s size, quantity, color, and depth of the ink pigment in the skin.

Laser Tattoo Removal is a permanent solution to diminish tattoos completely. However, some tattoos may be substantially reduced, while others can be completely removed based on the colors, location of the body, or longevity of the tattoo.

There is no downtime. However, redness may occur along with scabbing following your tattoo removal. This will subside as it is part of the healing process.

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