Lasers for Toenail Fungus IN Burbank, CA

Laser therapy for toenail fungus infections (onychomycosis) has many different options. Some lasers use light, and there are those that use carbon dioxide (CO2). Laser therapy is safe and approved by the FDA. Treatment for fungal infections of the nails usually requires several treatment sessions. It may take between six to 18 months of consistent treatment for laser therapy to be effective. The side effects of these treatments may be pain or bleeding in the surrounding area, but these soon resolve.

The laser emits pulses of energy that produce heat. When treating onychomycosis, the laser light is directed to enable heat to saturate through the toenail to the nail bed, where the fungus lives.
Lasers are used to increase the localized temperature and in response to heat the infected tissue until the tissue is decomposed. This method destroys the fungus and the surrounding skin, plus the nail. The heat from the laser also sterilizes to prevent new fungal growth.

When used safely, the laser a certified technician uses does not emit enough energy to destroy all the tissue or get all of the infection. Therefore, repeat treatment is typically needed. Once the fungal growth is inhibited, and some fungal microorganisms are destroyed, you will have healthy toenails. However, since only some fugal microorganisms are destroyed at the first treatment, expect several treatments.

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Many people have experienced noticeable improvement with laser treatment and a high cure rate. For example, one clinical study showed a 61% cure rate after 16 weeks. Still, another study had 91% clinical improvement and a 30% cure rate at 180 days.

The FDA has cleared many lasers for treating onychomycosis. However, according to the criteria, these lasers may only temporarily increase in clearing nails. 


However, laser treatment does work better than some other treatments. You can treat the infection with topical antifungal medicine or oral antifungals, and there are prescription and over-the-counter options. Topical treatments are safe but are not effective.

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