Non-Surgical Nose Job IN Burbank, CA

A non-surgical nose job is an alternative to surgery. A non-surgical nose job can change the shape of your nose using filler injections instead of cuts and grafts. However, the effects of a non-surgical nose job are only temporary. They last until the filler dissolves. After that, you will need repeat injections to maintain the new appearance of your nose.

Non-surgical nose job make a moderate or minor alteration to the nose shape. This procedure cannot be made to make major changes in appearance or to take care of conditions inside the nose. A non-surgical nose job takes less than an hour and produces almost immediate results. As a result, it is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that has gained popularity.

Non-surgical nose job is less expensive and has fewer risks and shorter downtime. However, the FDA has yet to approve using fillers to change the nose shape. Using fillers in non-surgical nose job can even out:

  • Indentations, like deep nasal ridges
  • Convex or concave nose
  • Asymmetry
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Fillers have also been used to reduce the nose tip to provide an impression of a narrower nose. This treatment does not reduce its width, but the illusion is phenomenal.

If you want major visual changes to your nose, this non-surgical nose job will not be appropriate. The procedure cannot correct a deviated septum or nasal functional problem.

The procedure is simple. You will be given a topical anesthetic to numb the nose, one or more injections are made into the nose (this is not painful), and the procedure takes less than an hour.

  • You may be asked to sleep with your head elevated on the first night
  • Take acetaminophen for pain relief
  • Make a follow-up appointment in 1-2 weeks
Try not to manipulate the nose and engage in vigorous activities. Depending on the location of the injections, you may need to avoid wearing glasses for a bit to avoid creating an indentation.
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