ThermiSmooth – Radiofrequency Laser Skin Tightening IN Burbank, CA

ThermiSmooth for Face

Controlled Non-Invasive Tissue Heating
ThermiSmooth® Face is performed using a specially designed temperature-controlled handpiece. The handpiece gently heats the skin’s surface using dermal heating for skin tightening.


Gentle heating using temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy.

What to Expect:

Girl after spa laser rf lifting uplift effect soft smooth flawless perfect shine skin | Kay Dermatology in Burbank, CA

ThermiSmooth for Body

Temporary Reduction of Cellulite

ThermiSmooth® Body is performed by targeting the areas under the skin, providing a temporary reduction of cellulite.  There are a series of applications over 6-8 weeks that are gentle, and patients often say it feels like receiving a warm massage.

Gentle heating, using temperature controlled radiofrequency energy, stimulates collagen remodeling.

What to Expect:

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