Rashes IN Burbank, CA

What is it?

Rashes can be caused by many things from allergic reactions to foods and medications to viral, bacterial, and fungal infections as well as internally genetic causes. Dermatologists and Dermatology researchers are at the forefront of research and treatments for this group of skin disorders.

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Atopic Eczema

This inherited skin problem can start at birth or appear later in life. A change in environment can trigger it as well as having a skin infection. Children and adults with this genetic condition must avoid fragrances in all aspects of their life and get to know their trigger factors. Treatments involve various types of creams, lotions and solutions to reduce the itching in the skin. Sometimes, a cortisone injection is given to speed up the healing. Stress reduction can help as well.

Contact Eczema

Almost anything touching our skin can elicit an allergic or irritant reaction. Identifying the culprit is the Dermatologist’s expertise ( often using skin patch testing) and then treatments can proceed. Usually, avoidance is all that is needed to prevent further problems with this type of dermatitis.


This condition seems to be related to a different part of our immune system than Eczema is. Identifying the trigger factor(s) is again key in treatment and prevention efforts. Treatments include topical medications, antihistamines orally and sometime corticosteroid pills or shots.

Blistering Skin Rashes

Although not as common as the other rashes, Dermatologists are the only physicians trained to quickly evaluate these skin rashes and decide on treatments. Some can be life threatening and others only annoying.

Yeast and Fungal rashes

A common skin rash involves a type of yeast that causes pimple like lesions or scaly lesions all over the trunk. Dermatologists can usually identify this rash and start appropriate therapy right away.

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