Radiesse IN Burbank, CA


Radiesse is an injectable that effectively reduces lines between the nose and the mouth, diminishes blemishes, renews fullness of the lips and restores natural cheek contours while filling in smile and frown lines. Radiesse is a synthetic compound comprised of microspheres of calcium hydroxylapatite, combined with a gel. The result is a creamy substance that feels like your natural facial features. Popular for its long-lasting results, Radiesse benefits should be evident for two years or more.
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Treatment can take place immediately due to the safe and compatible materials used in Radiesse. No pre-testing of any kind is required. The procedure can take up to 15 minutes and patients may return home within minutes after the procedure. After Radiesse is injected, it remains soft and takes on the characteristics of the surrounding tissue. New soft tissue will gradually replace the Radiesse over time with most replacement occurring within three months.


The Radiesse treatment is a safe outpatient procedure with no recovery time. The results are visible as soon as the treatment is complete. Any minor swelling, bruising or redness from the injection usually disappears within 5-7 days. Since calcium is a natural substance present in the body, Radiesse causes no allergic reactions or inflammation.


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